• BARNMAN Auction Services, LLC

    "Your partner in life transitions, downsizing and settling an estate."


    Are you overwhelmed with the "stuff"? Wondering how on earth you will get rid of it? Barnman Auction Services, LLC will be your personal assistant with you downsizing project. We will help you determine the best way to sell your "stuff" using one or more of these options:

    • Estate Sale
    • Live Auction
    • Online Auction

    Settling an Estate

    The loss of a loved one is challenging. How will you settle the estate? Barnman Auction Services, LLC can handle your:

    • Estate Appraisal
    • Sale of Real Estate
    • Sale of Personal Property

    Barnman Auction Services works with Keller Williams Real Estate to sell your house at auction or traditional listing.

  • The Auction Advantage

    WHy an Auction?

  • Real Estate

    • Quick Turnaround (30-45 days)
    • Time Definite
    • No contingencies or warranties
    • Forces buyers to be decisive
    • Competitive bidding determines the market value

    Personal Assets

    • Efficient and effective
    • Quick transaction period
    • Competitive bidding
    • Speed of process
  • How It Works

    Turning Stuff into Cash!

  • Consult

    We meet with you and listen to your needs. Our goal is to plan the right solution for you.


    When we find the right solution for you, we work with you to prepare for the sale. This could be determining what to keep, organizing for the sale or staging for a sale.


    Regardless if we are selling your home or possessions or both, we will handle all the aspects of the sale from advertising to closing.

    Move On

    If you are ready for your next adventure, Barnman Auction Services will help you with you plan.

  • Terms to Know

    Traditional Auction

    Most often held on site at your home location. Items are sold to the highest bidder.

    Online Auction

    Items are presented online with a predetermined ending time. All bids are completed online and a pick-up day/time is established.

    Estate Sale

    Items are priced for sale based on anticipated value. Buyers come the day of the sale and buy items for which they have interest.

    Absolute Auction

    Property is sold to the highest bidder regardless the price.

    Minimum Bid

    Bids are accepted at or above an advertised minimum price.

    Reserve Auction

    Seller has the right to accept or reject any offer that falls below a confidential reserve price.

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